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CanadyMedia has a small, passionate team with very little overhead. What this means is we offer the same quality work as some of these bigger agencies, but drastically reduced prices. Our passion is helping and growing with businesses.


Since our agency is small, we work fast. Our team can start campaigns in less than 72 hours on average and we are on constant call to help you, not business hours. You will get our personal numbers so we can provide a very custom tailored service for an amazing price.


Our Team builds and manages websites on behalf of clients across all industries. The price is the lowest in the Macon area and the turn around time for a fully built website is under a week.


Branding is a commodity. We build and manage social media brands on behalf of clients and grow Instagram accounts very fast and organically. This means more customers!


Our agency has in-house editors to take your vision and turn it into a beautiful video which we can use to get your business more recongnition and customers. This includes graphic design of other projects as well!


Digital Advertising and being a Creative Marketing Company is our specialty. We run Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google Campaigns on behalf of our clients and we also manage and optimize SEO for clients. The reason you are probably on this site is because of an advertisement or optimized SEO. And we will do it at the most competitive price in Macon